Large windows allow in natural light to keep a room bright and can showcase beautiful views, but they can be intimidating to dress. If you have large windows, check out these tips for decorating them with window coverings Calgary.

Treat Multiple Windows as One with Blinds and Drapes

For a large group of windows side by side, try treating them as one window by pairing shades on the outer edges. Adding stylish drapes to either edge and then using Calgary blinds over the windows to block the light or increase privacy, can help you achieve a beautiful look at a reasonable price.

Hide Blinds with a Window Covering

If you want functional blinds but don’t want to spend a lot on stylish or trendy options, try hiding them with a stunning window covering. A valance, cornice, or window scarf showcase a great view while hiding the blinds when they aren’t being used.

Go High During Blinds Installation

Low windows benefit from a window covering that is higher than the window. If your windows are low, measure for extra material to fill the gap between the ceiling and the window. Ask your contractor to hang coverings high during blinds installation.

Hang Sheers for Soft Window Coverings Calgary

Sheers from wall to wall create a lovely and soft effect in a room. They are great for long windows because they aren’t bulky and are usually less expensive. Grommets help sheers keep their shape near the rod for a distinctive finish.

Consider Lightweight Panels

Hanging lightweight panels between windows that almost cover a wall end to end creates the illusion that there aren’t breaks. A shade or blinds mounted behind the panels offer additional privacy.

Window coverings Calgary showcase your windows and can be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Use these tips to help you choose the right treatment for your large windows.

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