A large selection of options should be a blessing, but sometimes it just feels bewildering and overwhelming. The number of choices in the world of blinds can be extreme; gone are the days when you had a couple of simple options from which to choose. Now there are window coverings in seemingly endless varieties. To help you make the most of your choices, here’s a guide to determining your style of blinds in Calgary.

What are Calgary Blinds?

Blinds are a type of window coverings in Calgary; the term generally refers to a hard covering made of vanes or slats that can be adjusted by a wand, pull cord, or remote control. They can close tightly for light control or privacy or tilt open, so you can control the amount of light they let in. When pulled open to the top of the window, they offer an unobstructed view and easily disappear behind a short curtain.

The Width of Window Blinds Calgary

The first thing to decide as you consider Calgary blinds is the width of the slat. The most common sizes are a ½ inch, 1 inch, and 2 inches. Half-inch slats are a popular choice that offers a contemporary feel. For a more old-fashioned feel, choose 2-inch window blinds for your Calgary windows. One-inch slats offer a happy medium.

Colour Options for Window Coverings Calgary

The colour of blinds to choose is another common question. In general, a neutral shade that blends with the window trim is a good idea. Some people prefer to match their window coverings in Calgary to the colour of the room. This approach is okay if you plan to keep the room the same colour permanently, but it limits your flexibility for painting and other renovations in the future.

Professional Blind Installation Calgary

Once you choose a style, schedule your blind installation in Calgary. Professional installation will ensure your Calgary blinds look the best, no matter which style you choose!

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