Giving your windows a new treatment doesn’t have to be difficult. Blinds are a great option that’s versatile and offers a variety of benefits. Here’s a look at the ins and outs of blinds installation.

Measure for Window Blinds Calgary

The first step in the installation process is to measure your windows. For an outside mount, measure the outside edge of the casing around the window. For an inside mount, measure inside the casing where it meets the glass. Measure carefully, then use the measurements to purchase the desired window coverings Calgary to fit your windows.

Mark the Window for Calgary Blinds

Open the window blinds Calgary and make sure everything is there. Hold the headrail in place and make sure it’s level and centred, then mark lightly with a pencil below the headrail on both ends.

Attach the Brackets for Window Coverings Calgary

Position the brackets for Calgary blinds inside the marks you made. The open bracket door should face you while the other open side of the bracket should face the centre of the window. Mark and drill pilot holes, then screw the bracket into place.

Install the Window Blinds

Once the brackets are secure, you can insert the headrail then close the bracket doors to secure the window blinds Calgary. Attach the valance to the headrail using the valance clips, then attach the blind wand if it didn’t come already attached.

Professional or DIY Blinds Installation?

Installing window coverings Calgary is a relatively straight forward process; confident DIYers may enjoy tackling this project on their own. However, professional blinds installation is an excellent option for most homeowners. Working with a professional company helps you avoid many pitfalls like improper measurements and window blinds that don’t hang straight.

Enjoy the benefits of Calgary blinds for yourself by completing the installation process.

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