Window coverings are integral to your home or businesses decor and functionality as they provide privacy, protection from the sun, and enhance visual appeal. But like almost every functional item in your home, they have a limited lifespan and get to a point where they need to be replaced.

Now the big question is how do you know when it’s time to replace your blinds and shades? Keep reading for some things to look out for in your space to help determine if a change is needed.

How often should window treatments be replaced?

An entire range of things can cause you to want or need to replace your blinds or shades like their quality, functionality, and appearance. While cleaning and regular operation can help extend the use of window treatments, eventually they will have to be replaced. We recommend changing or replacing blinds and shades every 7-8 years as a general rule of thumb. However, there can be other reasons or indications to consider changing them sooner which we will discuss next.

Troubles With Raising And Lowering Your Blinds

Operating blinds should be smooth and easy, if it is requiring a lot of force to raise and lower or if they often get stuck, then it may be time to replace them. Fixing is another option, but it can be harder to repair mechanisms in outdated models.

Physical Damage To The Window Coverings

For shades, this could be stains, discolouration, or fading in colour by sun exposure. If cleaning still leaves these spots on your shades, consider an upgrade. Another type of damage with shades is fraying around the edges, this problem is more difficult to fix and cause issues with functionality as well.

When it comes to blinds, especially faux wood ones, you may find warping, bending, or even broken slats. First, this can be caused by heat damage and secondly, can prevent the blinds from working properly. In these cases we do recommend replacements, especially when it comes to broken slats.

They No Longer Meet Your Needs

Whether you might have realized it or not, your window treatments may no longer be serving the needs of your home.

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This can be the case for an outdated style that is holding back your new home decor overhaul or are no longer providing the same amount of privacy or heat protection that they once did.

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We find this issue especially relevant if you have recently added children or pets to your family. Older styles of blinds and shades have long cords that by regulation, are no longer considered safe for children as they are a strangulation risk. The new styles are cordless or have modified cords that are much safer and easier to use.

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If you’re interested in learning more about cordless window coverings read our previous blog here:

You Just Installed New Windows

If you have recently added new windows, or changed the size/style of existing ones, then it is the perfect time to introduce new window coverings into your home or business. In doing this, you’ll be able to perfectly match your window treatments to your new windows and can update your home’s appearance.

When looking at new window treatments, this is a great time to consider going for motorized options. These types of shades can be raised and lowered with the press of a button and run on a schedule controlled by an app on your phone so you can have the perfect amount of privacy and protection from sunlight at all times. Read more about motorized shades here:

If you’re unsure if your blind needs to go or if anything can (or should) be done to repair or revive them, contact Skyview Blinds and Shades today at 403-714-0416 or visit our showroom in at Unit# 129, 10985 38 St NE Calgary.