At Skyview Blinds and Shades, your child’s safety is our priority. While window blinds give your home that much needed style, they may also pose serious risks to curious kids and pets. Because of this, choosing child-safety blinds is crucial in creating a secure environment for your family. To guarantee the safety of your family members, make sure to check that your window coverings have any of the following features:

  • Cordless Design: Opt for blinds without cords to prevent the risk of your child getting strangled in the cords. Your best option is the roller blinds because they have no cords or hanging elements, providing a safer environment for your child.
roller shades are best options to ensure a child-safe home
  • Motorized Blinds: Motorized blinds offer convenience and enhanced safety. They can be controlled via a remote control or through a smartphone app. Smartphone apps such as Somfy’s motorizations allow you to control your blinds anytime and anywhere. 
motirzed options provide child safety
  • Tension Devices: Corded blinds should come with a tension device that keeps cords taut and out of reach, reducing accident risks.
  • Precise Measurements: Ensure your blinds fit your windows correctly to avoid excess cords and safety risks.
  • Seek Professional Guidance: If you’re unsure about the safest blinds for your home, consult a professional installer for recommendations. We suggest that you avail our free consultations to ensure that your blinds are safe for your kids. 
  • Regular Maintenance: Even child safety blinds need routine maintenance. Periodically check for loose or damaged parts and promptly repair or replace them.

By choosing blinds with the right safety features and following our guidelines, you can create a safer environment for your family without sacrificing the design and functionality of your home. Let us help you keep a safe home for your kids. Book your free design consultations.

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